Hello and welcome to my moth Blog. I now reside in a small village in East Cambridgeshire called Fordham. My Blog's aim is to promote and encourage others to participate in the wonderful hobby that is Moth-trapping.
Moth records are vital for building a picture of our ecosystem around us, as they really are the bottom of the food chain. They are an excellent early indicator of how healthy a habitat is. I openly encourage people to share their findings via social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.
So why do we do it? well for some people it is to get an insight into the world of Moths, for others it is to build a list of species much like 'Twitching' in the Bird world. The reason I do it....you just never know what you might find when you open up that trap! I hope to show what different species inhabit Cambridgeshire and neighbouring counties.
On this Blog you will find up-to-date records and pictures.
I run a trap regularly in my garden and also enjoy doing field trips to various localities over several different counties.
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My Latest Notables and Rarities

Friday 29 May 2020

Field Trip - Bramfield Woods - 26/05/20

Another trip over the pine side of Bramfield woods was made on Tuesday night.

A really warm day again, but we had no cloud so we knew the temperature would drop a bit, a bit, was an understatement, it wasn't supposed to get below around 14 degrees, but by midnight it felt 'chilly'. Leaving at 2am it was 9c on my car.

The wind was also an issue, whilst setting up it was almost muggy and with just a gentle breeze, then a front from the North-east hit us, and it was quite blowy in places, 2 of my traps were in the firing line and suffered badly.

Lots of the usual fare were recorded, highlights were at least 15 Spilonota laricana, a Larch feeder and with it's foodplant in the local area, it was to be expected, but never in these numbers before!

Trevor potted a Cydia that looks good for illutana, a Herts rarity but needs dissecting, as do a few of my specimens, a pretty Ectoedemia sp and a rather plain one, another probably Carpatolechia notatella (after taking the 4th County record last week on the other side of the woods) and an Elachista that is grade 4, probably either freyerella or humilis (either would be new to me).

A sort of tick for me was potting a male Psyche casta, having seen the larval cases everywhere and breeding through a female, it was nice to see the other sex. 

Pammene albuginana was also a good record and a new addition to the site list.

Below is the list that we managed on the trip.

Catch Report - 26/05/20 - Bramfield Park Woods - Central Herts - 8 traps - 3x 125w MV Trap, 2x 250w Clear MV Robinson Trap, 1x 160w MBT Trap, 1x LED Battery trap & 40w U-Tube + 15w Actinic tube & 15w Synergetic tube Trap

72 Macro species & 78 Micro species - 150 species in total

Macro Moths

Alder Moth
Angle Shades
Beautiful Golden Y
Beautiful Hook-tip
Brimstone Moth
Brindled White-spot
Broken-barred Carpet
Brown Rustic
Brown Silver-line
Buff Ermine
Clay Triple lines
Clouded-bordered Brindle
Common Carpet
Common Marbled Carpet
Common Pug
Common Swift
Common Wainscot
Coxcomb Prominent
Cream Wave
Dwarf Pug
Elephant Hawk-moth
Flame Shoulder
Foxglove Pug
Green Carpet
Grey Pug
Grey-pine Carpet
Heart & Dart
Large Nutmeg
Large Yellow Underwing
Least Black Arches
Light Brocade
Light Emerald
Lime Hawk-moth
Lobster Moth
Maiden's Blush
Marbled Brown
Marbled Minor
Marbled White Spot
Middle-barred Minor
Mottled Pug
Nut-tree Tussock
Oak Hook-tip
Oak Nycteoline
Ochreous Pug
Orange Footman
Pale Oak Beauty
Pale Tussock
Peach Blossom
Pebble Hook-tip
Pebble Prominent
Pine Hawk-moth
Poplar Hawk-moth
Poplar Lutestring
Riband Wave
Rustic Shoulder knot
Scalloped Hazel
Scalloped Hook-tip
Scorched Wing
Setaceous Hebrew Character
Shuttle-shaped Dart
Silver Y
Small Square-spot
Small White Wave
Spruce Carpet
Straw Dot
Swallow Prominent
Tawny Marbled Minor
Treble Lines
Turnip Moth
White Ermine

Micro Moths

Agapeta hamana
Agonopterix arenella
Alabonia geofrella
Anania lancealis
Ancylis mitterbacheriana
Apotomis turbidana
Argyresthia brockeella
Argyresthia conjugella
Argyresthia goedartella
Argyresthia trifasciella
Bucculatrix ulmella
Caloptila alchimiella/robustella
Capua vulgana
Carpatolechia notatella
Carpatolechia proximella
Cedestis subfasciella
Celypha cespitana (Not rivulana, TBC)
Celypha lacunana
Choristoneura hebenstritella
Cochylimorpha straminea
Cochylis molliculana
Cochylis nana
Crambus lathoniellus
Cryptoblabes bistriga
Cydia fagiglandana
Cydia illutana (Gen Det TBC)
Cydia splendana
Dichrorampha alpinana (Gen Det TBC)
Dioryctria simplicella
Ectoedemia decentella
Elachista humilis/freyerella (Gen Det TBC)
Emmetia marginea
Ephestia sp
Epinotia abbreviana
Epinotia bilunana
Epinotia demarniana
Epinotia nanana
Epinotia rubiginosana
Epinotia subocellana
Epinotia tetraquetrana
Esperia sulphurella
Eucosma hohenwartiana
Eudonia lacustrata
Eulia ministrana
Homoeosoma sinuella
Incurvaria masculella
Lathronympha strigana
Lobesia reliquana
Monopis weaverella
Nemophora degeerella
Nemopogon cloacella
Notocelia cynosbatella
Notocelia trimaculana
Notocelia uddmanniana
Orthotaenia undulana
Pammene albuginana
Pandemis cerasana
Paraswammerdamia albicapitella
Parornix sp
Phyllonorycter harrisella
Phyllonorycter trifasciella
Phylloporia bistrigella
Pseudoswammerdamia combinella
Psyche casta
Ptycholoma lecheana
Rhyacionia pinivorana
Scoparia ambigualis
Spilonota laricana
Stigmella samiatella (Gen Det TBC)
Strophedra nitidana
Strophedra weirana
Swammerdamia caesiella
Syndemis musculana
Teleiodes luculella
Tinea trinotella
Tischeria eklebladella
Triaxomera parasitella
Udea olivalis

Carpatolechia notatella

Dioryctria simplicella

Ectoedemia sp

Elachista freyerella humilis

Apotomis turbidana

Grey Pug

Pammene albuginana

Pandemis cerasana

Paraswammerdamia albicapitella

Psyche casta

Ptycholoma lecheana

Small Square-spot

Spilonota laricana

Triaxomera parasitella

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