Hello and welcome to my moth Blog. I now reside in a small village in East Cambridgeshire called Fordham. My Blog's aim is to promote and encourage others to participate in the wonderful hobby that is Moth-trapping.
Moth records are vital for building a picture of our ecosystem around us, as they really are the bottom of the food chain. They are an excellent early indicator of how healthy a habitat is. I openly encourage people to share their findings via social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.
So why do we do it? well for some people it is to get an insight into the world of Moths, for others it is to build a list of species much like 'Twitching' in the Bird world. The reason I do it....you just never know what you might find when you open up that trap! I hope to show what different species inhabit Cambridgeshire and neighbouring counties.
On this Blog you will find up-to-date records and pictures.
I run a trap regularly in my garden and also enjoy doing field trips to various localities over several different counties.
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NFY = New Species For The Year
NFG = New Species For The Garden
NEW! = New Species For My Records

Any Species highlighted in RED signifies a totally new species for my records.

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My Latest Notables and Rarities

Sunday 25 June 2017

A record-breaking night in Bedfordshire

I joined Matt and Lionel at Home Wood on Monday night in Bedfordshire.
The day had been absolutely scorching and hit nearly 30 degrees during the day and the night was meant to go no lower than 19/20 degrees, perfect muggy weather for moths despite clear skies we had absolutely no wind at all and no moon to contend with.
We setup 5 traps and a light and sheet under sweaty conditions, it was hot stuff indeed and once again I attracted Horse-flies! 
As soon as it got dark, moths were absolutely everywhere with micros at first in their hundreds and then the Geometers started coming in and finally the Noctuids and boy was there action around the lights.
I've been out before and had trouble with lots of midges and flies but never have I had as much trouble from inhaling moths as well.
The species kept tallying up and it was hard to keep up.
We got to 100 species about 2 hours in and then from midnight it was about 1 or 2 a minute being jotted down.
Highlights were massively over-whelming with two County first species to start with....Rosy Marbled and Elegia similella.
Copied from Andy Banthorpe's email.

Gen Dets of species retained so far.

Carpatolechia fugitivella m & f – been recorded there before
Carpatolechia notatella f – 3rd county record
Neofaculta ericetella m confirmed
Dioryctria abietella f
Satyr Pug f 18th county record, only third since 1996
Teleiodes vulgella f (worn dark grey)
Caloptilia alchimiella m
Nemapogon cloacella m
Nemapogon ruricolella m – 4th county record
Coleophore kuehnella m (the white one)

Other Macro highlights were Cream-bordered Green Pea, 10+ Scarlet Tiger's, 5x Marbled Brown and Mere Wainscot.

In total for the time being we recorded 140 species of Macro and 148 species of micro, eclipsing my highest ever previous species of 252 with a grand total of 288 species!!

We finally finished packing up (which took over 2 hours) at 4am as it was getting light.

Thanks guys for the help you gave me and adding to the list as we went through the night.

Catch Report - 19/06/17 - Home Wood - SE Bedfordshire - 7 traps in total - 2x 125w MV Robinson Trap 1x 160w MBT Robinson Trap 1x 40w Actinic + 15w LED Trap 1x 80w Actinic Trap
140 Macros & 148 Micros
288 species
Macro Moths
Barred Red
Barred Straw
Barred yellow
Beautiful Golden-Y
Beautiful Hook-tip
Blotched Emerald
Blue-bordered Carpet
Bordered white
Bright-line Brown-eye
Brindled White-spot
Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing
Brown Rustic
Brown Scallop
Brown Silver-line
Brown-line Bright-eye
Buff Arches
Buff Ermine
Buff Footman
Buff Tip
Burnished Brass
Clouded Border
Clouded Brindle
Clouded Silver
Clouded-bordered Brindle
Common Emerald
Common Footman
Common Marbled Carpet
Common Pug
Common Swift
Common Wainscot
Common wave
Common White Wave
Coxcomb Prominent
Cream-bordered Green Pea
Dark Arches
Dingy Shears
Dingy Shell
Dotted Fan-foot
Double Square-spot
Double-striped Pug
Elephant Hawk-moth
Figure of eEghty
Flame Carpet
Flame Shoulder
Foxglove Pug
Garden Carpet
Ghost Moth
Gold Swift
Green Carpet
Green Pug
Green silver-lines
Grey Pine Carpet
Grey Pug
Haworths Pug
Heart & Club
Heart & Dart
July Highflyer
Large Emerald
Large Nutmeg
Large Twin-spot Carpet
Large Yellow Underwing
Leopard Moth
Light Arches
Light Emerald
Lime Hawk-moth
Lunar-spotted Pinion
Maiden's Blush
Maple Prominent
Map-winged Swift
Marbled Brown [NEW!]
Marbled Minor
Marbled White-spot
May Highflyer
Mere Wainscot
Middle-barred minor
Minor Shoulder-knot
Mottled Beauty
Mottled Pug
Mottled Rustic
Oak Nycteoline
Obscure Wainscot
Orange Footman
Pale Oak Beauty
Pale Prominent
Pale Tussock
Peach Blossom
Peppered Moth
Pinion-streaked Snout
Poplar Grey
Pretty Chalk Carpet
Privet Hawk-moth
Red-necked footman
Riband Wave
Rosy Marbled
Ruddy Carpet
Satin Beauty
Satyr Pug
Scalloped oak
Scarce Footman
Scarlet Tiger
Scorched Carpet
Scorched Wing
Setaceous Hebrew Character
Shaded pug
Short-cloaked Moth
Silver-ground Carpet
Small Dotted Buff
Small Dusty Wave
Small Emerald
Small Fan-foot
Small Fan-footed Wave
Small Rufous
Small Yellow Wave
Smoky Wainscot
Spruce Carpet
Straw Dot
Swallow-tailed Moth
Tawny Marbled Minor
Tawny-barred Angle
Treble Brown Spot
Treble Lines
Turnip Moth
Willow Beauty
Yellow Shell
Micro Moths
Acentria ephemerella
Acleris hastiana
Acleris holmiana
Acleris kochiella
Acompsia cinerella
Acrobasis repandana
Agapeta hamana
Agapeta zoegana
Aleimma loeflingiana
Anania coronata
Anania hortulata
Anania lancealis
Anarsia innoxiella
Ancylis achatana
Anthophila fabriciana
Aphomia sociella
Archips crataegana
Archips podana
Archips rosana
Archips xylosteana
Argyresthia albistria
Argyresthia bonnetella
Argyresthia curvella
Argyresthia glaucinella [NEW!]
Argyresthia spinosella
Batia lunaris
Blastobasis lacticolella
Blastodacna hellerella
Bucculatrix cidarella [NEW!]
Caloptilia alchimiella
Caloptilia stigmatella
Caloptilia syringella
Carcina quercana
Carpatolechia fugitivella
Carpatolechia notatella [NEW!]
Cedestis gysseleniella
Celypha lacunana
Celypha striana
Chilo phragmitella
Chrysoteuchia culmella
Clepsis consimilana
Cnephasia sp
Cochylis atricapitana
Cochylis hybridella
Coleophora albidella [NEW!]
Coleophora deauratella
Coleophora kuehnella [NEW!]
Coptotriche marginea
Cosmopterix zieglerella [NEW!]
Crambus lathoniellus
Crambus pascuella
Crambus perlella
Crassa unitella
Dioryctia abietella
Ditula angustiorana
Donacaula forficella
Elachista bisulcella ? [NEW!]
Elegia similella
Elophila nymphaeata
Endothenia gentianaeana/marginea
Endothenia nigricostana
Endotricha flammealis
Epagoge grotiana
Epermenia chaerophyllella
Ephestia sp
Epiblema foenella
Epinotia abbreviana
Epinotia signatana
Epinotia subocellana
Epinotia tedella
Ethmia dodecea
Eucosma cana
Eudonia lacustrata
Eudonia pallida
Eupoecilia angustana
Euzophera pinguis
Exoteleia dodecella
Gelechia sororculella [NEW!]
Glyphipterix simpliciella
Gypsonoma dealbana
Gypsonoma sociana
Hedya nubiferana
Hedya pruniana
Hedya salicella
Hofmannophila pseudospretella
Homoeosoma sinuella
Hypsopygia costalis
Incurvaria oehlmanniella
Lathronympha strigana
Lozotaeniodes formosana
Metzneria metzneriella
Mompha ochraceella
Mompha propinquella
Morophaga choragella
Myelois circumvoluta
Nemapogon cloacella
Nemapogon ruricolella [NEW!]
Nemophora degeerella
Neofaculta ericetella
Nephopterix angustella
Notocelia trimaculana
Notocelia uddmanniana
Oegoconia sp
Olindia schumacherana
Pammene fasciana
Pammene regiana
Pandemis cerasana
Pandemis heparana
Parachronistis albiceps
Parapoynx stratiotata
Paraswammerdamia albicapitella
Paraswammerdamia nebulella
Parornix sp
Phtheochroa rugosana
Phycita roborella
Phycitodes binaevella
Piniphila bifasciana
Pleuroptya ruralis
Prays fraxinella
Pseudargyrotoza conwagana
Pterophorus pentadactyla
Ptycholoma lecheana
Rhopobota naevana
Rhyacionia buoliana
Rhyacionia pinicolana
Scoparia ambigualis
Scoparia basistrigalis
Scoparia pyralella
Scrobipalpa costella
Scythropia crataegella
Sorhagenia sp ?
Spatalistis bifasciana
Spilonota ocellana
Syncopacma sp
Teleiodes luculella
Teleiodes vulgella
Tinea semifulvella
Tinea trinotella
Tischeria ekebladella
Tortrix viridana
Triaxomera parasitella
Udea olivalis
Udea prunalis
Yponomeuta evonymella
Ypsolopha parenthesella
Ypsolopha sequella
Ypsolopha ustella
Zeiraphera isertana
Actinic & Synergetic Skinner Trap

Acleris holmiana

Acleris kochiella

Bucculatrix cidarella

Carpatolechia notatella

Cream-bordered Green Pea

Ethmia dodecea

Mere Wainscot

Rhyacionia pinicolana

Scarlet Tiger 1 of 10+

Ypsolopha parenthesella

Zeiraphera isertana

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